I am writing this letter to my generation. This is a call to action. Ever since I can remember it’s been every man for himself or survival of the fittest if you would like to say. We fight each other so much to get to the top to be number 1 we don’t enjoy the benefits that our hard work brings us because we have a “ME” mindset. Now I know a lot of us have put much time and effort to get where we need to be in our lives, however, whatever happened to unity? What ever happened to being self-less? I ask these questions because society asks us who is going to be the leader and how can we be a strong core again?

Because it was the people, the community that set the standard and made sure their neighbor was taken care of. The reason why this was so important is that the next generation was being brought up to take care of the people who were self-less and paved the way for them to have a brighter future. In the message “A Nation of One” I’m telling you how to be number 2. I believe as you go on your journey to success and have found stability in your career or just growing as a person you should always share that knowledge or wisdom with the next generation. To do this it doesn’t require fame, lights, or camera just ACTION.

You could be a father and mother raising a child letting them know they can be anything they want to be, however, you have to lead by example. You could be number 2 by volunteering and just giving your time as you help the next generation make their dreams become a reality. By doing this you plant the seed of HOPE showing them there is more to the environment that they’re growing up in. You expose them to other levels in life that society claims they can’t reach because of the so-called system that labels them. So lets get back to the basics; lets all place ourselves at number 2 so all together we can be number 1 having success through unity.


Really Real

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“ A Nation Of One”